We are an exciting new company who creatively design and hand make stained glass window hangings and sun catchers! Our designs have a science based theme. Molecules, galaxies and atoms. We also do a wide range of contemporary fused glass jewellery!

We use recycled bottles and coloured glass to bring our designs to life! We can also bring your own personal ideas to life too, so if there’s something you had in mind please just ask.


Stephen completed a 4 year apprenticeship with June McKenzie of Fern Glass between 1994-98. It had always been his ambition to start his own stained glass craft business since learning the trade. He initially wanted to start the business in 2000 and approached Midlothian Enterprise Trust with his idea. They helped with a business plan and cash flow forecast and Stephen subsequently received the go ahead from Bank of Scotland to start the project with a £2,000 loan.

Fast Forward 16 years and Stephen has a new outlook on life,

Here is Stephen to tell you a bit more:

“I had been working in office jobs for 10+ years with no real motivation or direction. After my last office job came to an end I started applying for numerous jobs and got nowhere.

Now I know why … the Universe had plans.

A friend of mine, Kerri Innes, who had started her own craft stall, persuaded me to re-think about finally doing what I always wanted to do in life. I gave the usual excuses as to why I couldn’t (I needed a real job, couldn’t afford it, needed a place to make my designs, no confidence) but after an eye opening chat I realised, the only person holding me back was me!

It was as if the Universe had been waiting all this time for me to realise, this is what I should be doing.

That’s when Quantum Soup was conceived. Literally as soon as I had decided to go down this road in life everything changed, things started happening, ideas started popping out of nowhere, things were falling into place with no effort.

It was as if the Universe had been waiting all this time for me to realise, this is what I should be doing.”


Stephen will be working with a few development trusts across Scotland to develop workshops on stained glass for the members and their social enterprises. This will help them generate income to reinvest back into their communities.

Stephen hopes to eventually secure some studio space and expand his glass craft with a glass kiln, able to create fussed glass pieces.